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Bhante Panna: Brother on the Path

Last updated on 22/12/2022

Bhante Panna is an American monk living in a forest monestry near Bangkok. He has a popular Instagram (@bronthepath} where he shares his life of contemplation. In this conversation we address monkhood, spiritual powers, communing with nature, ending racism, and liberation. I know you’re going to like this one!

Show Notes

  • 2.50 Bhante’s spiritual awakening while climbing a mountain 
  • 11.40 The spirituality of Thailand 
  • 14.00 Bhante’s daily routine and life as a monk
  • 24.00 How celibacy has given Bhante a new sense of freedom
  • 27.00 The roots of African spirituality
  • 32.30 Discussing siddhis or extra-normal powers associated with meditation 
  • 37.40 Empathy with snakes and scorpions and chilling with Nature
  • 44.00 Black meditation matters
  • 49.50 Liberation and racial conditioning 
  • 54.00 Cultural healing in spiritual communities
  • 58.00 The spiritual landscape of the world today


  1. James Ratana Guna-Wilson
    James Ratana Guna-Wilson 31/08/2020

    Bhante Panna is truly an inspiration person to me because as a Black Theravada Buddhist Devotee, I have experienced the racism that comes with being the only Black person in a Buddhist Temple.. Following the journey of Bhante Panna has truly helped me on my journey and path in Buddhism thru what he has to deal with in SE Asia..

    • Nathan Thompson
      Nathan Thompson 01/09/2020

      Many thanks for your comment. I’m really glad you found the episode helpful!

  2. Piyacaro Felix
    Piyacaro Felix 11/09/2020

    thank you for the podcast, Bhante Panna is an inspiration!

    • Evgeny
      Evgeny 11/09/2020

      Thanx for listening, we’re glad you like it!

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