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Escaping Saṃsāra Podcast Posts

Buddhist Women Miniseries Ep.1 with Willa Tania

What is going on in the mind of advanced meditators? How does someone who spent years as a nun see the world? Let’s listen in…

Buddhism, especially the Therevadha tradition which we cover a lot on this podcast, has always had female practitioners and leaders but they have historically been sidelined.

So in this new series, we talk to female practitioners about their paths, starting with Willa Tania who is a former Buddhist nun in the Ajahn Chah tradition and is currently a counsellor living in New Zealand

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Ben Goresky – Addiction, Masculinity and Relationship Yoga

Ben Goresky is a counsellor, coach and explorer of consciousness. He is involved in addiction recovery and working with men as part of the Samurai Brotherhood, a community I am also involved in. He hosts the Evolving Man podcast.

As both recovered addicts we talk deeply about abuse, drug addiction and recovery. Then we delve into spiritual practices that have helped Ben on his journey before getting into the spiritual power of men’s work.

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