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Escaping Saṃsāra Podcast Posts

Escaping Samsara Bookclub: ‘Near Enemies of the Truth’ by Christopher Wallis, with guest Oliver Crossley

The latest bookclub episode from Escaping Samsara podcast. This time Nathan is joined by Oliver Crossley A.K.A the Yogic Physio (@yogicphysio on Instagram) to discuss Christopher Wallis’ book “Near Enemies…

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Unraveling the Layers: Reading ‘Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism’ with Ty Landrum

Explore the profound teachings of Chogyam Trungpa’s ‘Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism’ in our latest Yoga and Buddhism Podcast episode. Join us and our guest, esteemed yoga teacher Ty Landrum, as we delve into how these timeless teachings intersect with modern yoga and mindfulness. Ty

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Practice, Pregnancy, and Parenthood with Harmony Slater and Tina Bock

This is a companion episode to our “Ashtanga and Fatherhood” episode. We’re talking about how yoga practice changes for women after pregnancy and in the years of child-rearing.

We talk about the challenges of physical recovery and the requirements of emotional labor. How time is the essential factor, and how we witness time can change everything.

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