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About us

Ekam inhale leg up 😉

We are sincere explorers of the yogic path, a group of friends committed to find the Truth. And share it! 🙂

In an attempt to capitalize on the globally growing demand for personal transformation, sadly most of today’s Yoga has been reduced to funky gymnastics and revolves mainly around the asana aspect of it. We feel it is our duty to help create more awareness about the depth of the yogic method, its practices and purpose to inform and therefore empower practitioners to experience the sweetness of the nectar of yoga, beyond the ability to reach their toes.

We are interested in learning about meditation and contemplative practices of different traditions, as we believe that there are many ways to discover the Truth. We want to explore these topics from different angles, see their intersection, talk to people who have experience in different traditions and learn how their own synthesis helped them on their spiritual journey.

We hope that it will be of benefit to our fellow truth seekers.
Join us on our journey.

Yours Escaping Samsara Team – Nathan Thompson & Evgeny Dziatko.


Special thanks to

Niyaz Karim for the artowork,,