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Ajahn Achalo – A Generous Talk With Thai Forest Monk

Last updated on 08/12/2022

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Ajahn Achalo an Australian buddhist monk and current abbot of Anandagiri Forest Monastery in North Thailand. He was born in Brisbane and ordained in the lineage of Ajahn Chah in 1996. In recent times he has created some extensive online teachings that are proving popular on meditation apps, Spotify and the like. You can find his writings and Dharma talks on the website of the monastery.

In this conversation, Ajahn Achalo generously shared his thoughts on many intricate aspects of Buddhist practice. The ease and open-heartedness with which he engaged in conversation with us is something very special. Listen in.

Show notes

  • Listening to the sound of the waves
  • First spiritual instruction from a hippie in a new age bookstore
  • From discovering Metta meditation to recording guided instructions for practitioners
  • Will Metta come automatically if you practice enough Vipassana?
  • How death mediation practice can lead to enhanced self aversion
  • Core toolbox meditation practices, qualities of the Buddha and how to relate to them
  • Brahma Viharas and Jhana meditation, becoming and desire energies in our practice
  • Dangers of overestimating your results, difference between Upacara Samadhi and Jhana
  • Role of contentment and gratitude, and the practice of celibacy
  • The story of the forest monk
  • Intentions in Metta meditation and the importance of carrying them into the world
  • Exploring teachings of different schools of Buddhism, learning from Dalai Lama
  • The story behind Nathan’s Maitreya tattoo
  • New books and the story behind Ajahn Achalo’s over 3500 hrs of meditation at Bodh Gaya
  • What constitutes Enlightenment


  1. Severin Schaary
    Severin Schaary 24/06/2020

    Good day Escaping Samsara,

    I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work and effort that you are doing in bringing so much variety into this world.

    I download all the podcasts you upload to listen to in my own time and space. I think that listening to it once it sufficient, but you know I listen to each talk several times to let it really sink in and at the same time reflect on the words of wisdom.

    Thanks again and keep up the exceptional work.

    Much love,


    • Evgeny
      Evgeny 24/06/2020

      Thank you for your kind comment, Severin!

  2. Eric
    Eric 25/06/2020

    Hi, is there an option to download these?

    I listen to podcasts on my Mp3 player so it’s difficult when there’s no download option


    • Evgeny
      Evgeny 25/06/2020

      Hi Eric,
      Hover over the player and you will see the bar with icons appearing at the bottom. Click the last icon in the right corner (rectangle with an arrow pointing up). In the revealed view you will see “Share Podcast” icon bar – the very last one with an arrow pointing down is a download button. Let me know, if you need any further help.

  3. Paulo
    Paulo 26/06/2020

    I’m curious about your tattoo, you mentioned you’d put a picture on the show notes by j couldn’t find it. Thanks and much Metta!

      • Paulo
        Paulo 28/06/2020

        Hi, Evgeny, and thanks not only for the pictures but also for the careful explanation about these tattoos. It’s still something that is on the back of my mind since years and I think I might eventually go for it. I loved this episode and already recommended several others to my wife, who is more into yoga than I am. Great podcast, much gratitude and Metta to you and your team!

        • Evgeny
          Evgeny 28/06/2020

          Thank you, Paulo. Nathan and I appreciate your positive feedback very much. It’s great to know that it is of value to people out there. This is the best reward we can get.
          Much love & all the best to you and your wife.

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