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Ashtanga Yoga and Fatherhood with Mark Robberds, Prem Carlisi and Scott Johnson

Last updated on 22/04/2023

There’s been a lot said and written about the changes female yogis go through when they become mothers. Now, for the first time, we discuss Ashtanga Yoga and fatherhood. Our guests, Mark Robberds, Prem Carlisi, and Scott Johnson have about 80 years of practice and teaching experience between them, close to 100 if you include me. 

Mark and I are new fathers, Scott Johnson’s kids are teenagers, and Prem is a grandfather. It was really special to sit with a group of men and learn about realising the goals of yoga in family life. 

Show Notes

·        Becoming a father and how men experience having a baby

·        How to continue a yoga practice while holding the responsibilities of family life

·        How to maintain a quality relationship with your partner

·        And the play of masculine and feminine in the yoga of relationship

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