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Michael Taft – Deconstructing Yourself

Last updated on 16/03/2023

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Michael W. Taft is a meditation teacher, bestselling author, and the host of Deconstructing Yourself podcast. From Zen temples in Japan to yogi caves in India, Michael has been meditating for over thirty five years and has extensive experience in both Buddhist Vipassana and Hindu Tantric practice. Michael authored several books, including “The Mindful Geek, Nondualism: A Brief History of a Timeless Concept”, and Ego (which he co-authored).

Show notes

  • Switching between incompatible models of reality
  • Taking it too far
  • Buddhist modernism
  • Mahayana’s critique of Theravada tradition
  • Emptiness and the Buddha nature
  • On Tantric practice
  • Feeling your way through uncharted territory
  • Uprooting the seeds of the kleshas
  • Parallels between Tantric and Vajrayana practices
  • On Vipassana
  • Mantra and deities

To find out more about Michael Taft visit Deconstructing Yourself website.

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