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Interview with Yoga Interviewer – Stu from Love Yoga Anatomy

Last updated on 22/11/2022

Who is Stu Girling? We all know and love brilliant interviews that Stu conducted with so many inspiring yoga teachers and practitioners from Ashtanga tradition and beyond. With his honest interest in people, humble way and inquiring mind he manages to create a space for his guests to unfold their personalities and let their knowledge shine in the most natural and entertaining way. But what do we know about the person conducting those interviews?

We got really interested and decided to find out!

Stu Girling is bodyworker specialising in the treatment of yogis with injuries or tension patterns. He is the owner of Love Yoga Anatomy – an online learning platform with hundreds of articles, online courses, interviews, apps and learning materials of all kinds to help you deepen your understanding of anatomy and develop a safe sustainable practice. Stu is teaching anatomy and physiology modules on many yoga teacher training programs and workshops around the globe.

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