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Ajahn Succito: If you won’t create your own life – the world will create it for you

Last updated on 08/12/2022

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On this episode we talk to Ajahan Succito a british-born Buddhist monk and former abbot of Cittaviveka monestry in the UK.

I became aware of Ajahn Succito when my teacher gave a series of talks on the Paramis – the Buddhist virtues – based on his book on the subject. I hadn’t heard of the Paramis or Succito but my teacher was so enthused by his presentation of the subject I couldn’t help but get a copy which turned out to be easy as all his books are freely available here.

I worked with his Paramis book and still do to this day. My teacher also gave me a copy of Rude Awakenings, his memoir of an incredible pilgrimage on foot visiting the Buddhist holy sites in Kathmandu and North India.

I met him a few times at his base at Cittaviveka monastery not far from London in the UK. I was struck by his complete lack of pretentiousness and self-regard. He spoke in the way a tree might speak to the wind and showed me that it is possible to bring the ancient teachings of the Buddha to full fruition today.

Show notes

  • First spiritual experience through Hatha Yoga practices and recognition of death
  • University studies, psychedelics, discovering of the Eastern spirituality, travelling to India and Thailand
  • 5th precept of abstaining from intoxicants and the use of psychedelics
  • Buddhist Paramis and their expression in life
  • Renunciation – moving away from sensual indulgences or differentiating wants from needs
  • Why true equanimity is almost inconceivable
  • From Dharma to culture
  • Problem of compartmentalisation of meditation
  • Tips on cultivating of Paramis and seeking wholesome states
  • The 4 floods, body maps and experience of reality
  • Spirituality as a natural process, environmental crisis as opportunity to awaken

Visit Forest Sangha website to find all books by Ajahn Succito as well as his website to find out more about Ajahn’s teachings.

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