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Monica Gauci – Sweet Fruits of Lifelong Sādhanā

Last updated on 22/11/2022

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To us Monica is an embodiment of the yogic way of living. With around 40 years of spiritual practice she is also a Doctor of Chiropractic , Yoga Therapist and co-author of “Ashtanga Yoga, Practice and Philosophy” and “Ashtanga Yoga, The Intermediate Series“. Her passion for teaching yogic anatomy unlocks this uneasy subjects to many of her students. In intensive immersions that she offers together with her husband, Gregor Maehle, Monica is also teaching chanting. Her devotion and love for the practice helps students to tap into the world of infinite beauty the moment the first OM together is chanted. We are privileged and grateful to have her on our show.

Monica Gauci
Monica Gauci Yoga


Show notes

  • Monica’s first encounters with Samsara Halahala
  • Glimpse into the Essence and discovery of Hridaya, the spiritual heart
  • Meditation practice, meeting Maharaji Prem Rawat
  • Starting on the path of Yoga
  • Role of meditation in allaying the fear of death
  • Work and discipline in a spiritual practice
  • Surrendering, synchronicity and serendipity
  • Tapping into emotional scars and working with samskaras through yoga practice
  • Yoga as a form of psychotherapy?
  • Role of ethics on and off the mat and thoughts on teaching it
  • Embracing humanity and finding refuge in practice

You can find many great articles by Monica in the blog, as well teaching schedule under


  1. Arie
    Arie 19/05/2020

    What a good interview :-). Very authentic yogi just as her husband.

    • Evgeny
      Evgeny 17/06/2020

      Thank you, Arie!

  2. Carmela Lacey
    Carmela Lacey 31/05/2020

    Loved this interview, Monica is an authentic yogini that is heartfelt and insightful.

    • Evgeny
      Evgeny 17/06/2020

      Thank you, Carmela!

  3. Irina
    Irina 10/06/2020

    Wonderful interview. Thank you ??

    • Evgeny
      Evgeny 17/06/2020

      Thank you, Ira!

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