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Robert Moses – Exploring the Depth Of Yogic Practices

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Robert Moses has 50 years’ experience as a teacher of yoga and advaita vedanta. Robert served in the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers for 22 years. He is a founder and co-publisher of Namarupa – Categories of Indian thoughts, a magazine about the philosophies and arts of India. He is leading annual pilgrimages to sacred places of India and offering classes on Pranayama, Bandhas, Kriyas, Mudras as well as exploration of Hatha Yoga Pradipika online.

Show notes

  • First glimpses beyond the physical plain of existence
  • Intense yoga practice, meditation and fasting
  • Hitchhiking through Europe
  • “Cry, The Beloved Country” – growing up in South Africa
  • The “Continuum concept” (Jean Liedloff)
  • “You can’t just have bad people in the world raising kids” (Norman Allan)
  • Bhakti practice, subtle forms of Tridoshas – Tejas, Ojas and Prana
  • Brahmacharya in the context of househoder path
  • Looking behind the bandhas
  • Uddara – the forgotten bandha
  • Addendum: Where to fit a mudra practice?
  • Discover Namarupa Magazine, classes and courses by Robert Moses.

Discover Namarupa Magazine, classes and courses by Robert Moses.

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