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From Mysore to a Zen Monastery: Rich Ray on Modern Practice

Last updated on 12/09/2023

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Today, we sit down with Rich Ray, a seasoned practitioner of meditation and director of Ashtanga Yoga Portland Maine (and also creator of some dope Instagram visuals @richrayyoga)

With over 25 years of Zen and Ashtanga experience, Rich’s commitment to self-discovery and inner peace led him on a transformative path as a resident monk at a silent monastery four years. During this profound period of self-reflection, he cultivated profound insights that continue to influence his life and teachings. As well as founding his studio, Rich also taught yoga and meditation at state prisons in California and New Hampshire and started a meditation program at a women’s county jail in Boston, Massachusetts.

In our chat we discuss:

  • The intersection of Zen and Ashtanga practice.
  • How to make Ashtanga practice more meditative.
  • Yoga and aging.
  • And the secrets of the Advanced Ashtanga series.

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  1. Patty MacRae
    Patty MacRae 04/08/2023

    Rich is an awesome teacher! So psyched to see this episode w him on your show

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