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Forrest Knutson – The Process of Yogic Meditation

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A lover of the ancient and obscure, Forrest Knutson is a yogi householder, writer and meditation teacher. He offers many great video instructions on Kriya Yoga and meditation on his YouTube channel, as well as through his courses and trainings.

Show notes

  • Search for Truth, “Hamsa” meditation and first spiritual experience
  • Joining monastic community
  • Lahiri Mahasaya and Babaji
  • Wondering up in the hills
  • Kriya
  • Enlightenment equasion, samadhi, layman vs monastic practice
  • “Remedial teacher”, heart rate variability and “3 cordial rules”
  • Kechari Mudra
  • Analogies with buddhist Jhana practice
  • 7 Kriyas of Lahiri, buddhist 5 breath states

Check out Forrest Knutson’s YouTube Channel, his website and his book “Hacking the Universe: The Process of Yogic Meditation“.

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