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Deepa Rao – On Yoga, Meditation and Life in India

Last updated on 06/02/2023

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Mumbai-based yoga practitioner and teacher, Deepa Rao shares her experience on Yoga and Meditation with us.

Show notes

  • Deepa’s first spiritual recollections
  • Amulets, yantras and experience growing up in a Brahmin familiy
  • Goenka’s Vipassana, practice and studies, aleviation of the fear of darkness
  • Equanimity and challenges of daily life
  • The story behind Trivikramasana
  • How knowledge of mythology can help unravel deeper layers in your asana practice
  • Using mantras, themes and affirmations in your practice
  • On Ayurveda and diet, prana and apana vayu
  • Yoga in modern day India
  • Practicing with an American yoga teacher in India

If you want to get in touch with Deepa – visit her Instagram account

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