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Theravada vs. Mahayana: A Monk’s Insight with Ven. Sampanno

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In this enlightening new episode, we delve deep into Buddhism. Join us as we welcome Ven. Sampanno, a long-term Buddhist monk, for an insightful discussion on the differences between Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism.

In this episode, Ven. Sampanno will shed light on the unique philosophies, practices, and historical contexts of these two major Buddhist traditions. Understand the nuanced perspectives each brings to the spiritual path and how they shape the practice and beliefs of their followers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of Buddhism with Ven. Sampanno on Escaping Samsara Podcast. Tune in to explore the rich tapestry of Buddhist thought and practice.


  1. Judy
    Judy 20/03/2024

    I have studied Tibetan Buddhism (Gelugpa tradition) in detail for about 10 years (FPMT Basic Program) and found many of the comments on Mahayana Buddhism inaccurate from that perspective. I am not arguing with anything Ven Sampanno said, because he was cautious and speaking of the traditions with which he was familiar. There are minor variations among different traditions and I am not informed about any outside my own. I think people are on dangerous grounds when they speak of traditions with which they are not highly familiar (and have studied). I found some of Nathan’s comments quite inaccurate. To give just one major example, the Lesser in Hinayana (Lesser Vehicle) refers to the scope of what is aimed at, and nothing else. The Hinayana practitioner aspires to their own personal liberation from samsara, whereas the practitioner of the Mahayana – Great (scope) Vehicle aspires to oneself become a buddha in order to lead all sentient beings tout of samsara and to buddhahood oneself – the scope or aim is greater than that of the Lesser Vehicle. It is actually a downfall of the bodhisattva vow (a Mahayana vow to disparage the Hinayana. Thus, there is nothing but respect for the Hinayana in the Mahayana.

    • Nathan Thompson
      Nathan Thompson 10/07/2024

      thanks for the info!

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