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Marriage as a Spiritual Practice With Mark Usher

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It’s easy to get caught up in the intellectual debates of spirituality, or spending hours creating exalted states of consciousness, but the actual effects of all this practice are borne out in your everyday life and nowhere is that more apparent then in your intimate relationships. 

Marriage is an interesting thing from a spiritual perspective. It could be an excuse to end your practice and focus on “real life”. Or it could be something you use your practice to escape from. Both of these pitfalls deny the chance to use “relationship yoga” as a tool to bring about lasting changes, reduced suffering, and the embodiment of deep wisdom. 

To help us understand this, we speak to Mark Usher, a men’s coach, who has made marriage his main life practice. 

Twelve years of his wife’s unheard requests for him to show up as a better husband resulted in her falling in love with another man. The fear of losing his wife and kids drove Mark to do whatever was necessary to learn how to be a better husband. 

A continuing obsessive deep dive into spiritual teachings, men’s work, coaching, breathwork, sacred intimacy teachings and peak performance psychology helped him transform his marriage and win his Queen’s heart back!

His podcast, “Be The Husband She Brags About”, supports married men to go from fearing their best will never be good enough to becoming the marriage transforming hero of their relationships.

He lives in Ireland with his beautiful Queen, his two unschooled girls, and 25 pets.

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