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Michael Sugich – Glimpses Into the Sufi World

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While most hippies in the 60′ went to India to find spiritually Michael Sugich went to Saudi Arabia in search of a Sufi guru and spent his life in a lesser known area of the Arab world living the spirituality of Islam.

Show notes

  • First spiritual experiences and escape from show business
  • Remembrance of God – Vikrala
  • On Islam as foundation of Sufism
  • The only certain thing
  • Sharia as a safety net
  • Importance of guidance of a spiritual master
  • Working with breath in Islamic tradition, Haḍra ritual
  • Litanies and spending time in the company of saints
  • Teaching children, expectations and the modern world

Michael’s FB :


Signs on the Horizons: Meetings with Men of Knowledge and Illumination

Hearts Turn: Sinners, Seekers, Saints and the Road to Redemption

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